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UPDATE: Called MileMarker, explained the issue, and they sent me a replacement body assembly - just had to provide proof of purchase. Easy to work with.

That said, they sent me an assembly for an axleshaft spline count other than what is installed in my Bronco. Luckily, I swapped outer body assemblies and installed the old guts and all is well. The issue must have been with the outer body assembly spline profile.


One of the body assemblies on my new MM 104 lockouts won’t go into either hub. I shaved the body fit down just a hair with a dremel but no dice. I measured the fit and it seems to be at least 0.030 undersized and is definitely smaller than the original lockout body fit. I guess it has to do with the spline set/sets, although nothing stands out as obvious. Anyone have a similar issue? No problems putting the other lockout body in the hubs.
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