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Item name:Misc

It's time to part with a few items that I have had taking up space for a while and figured I would offer them to ya'll before they go in the Trading Post or ebay. If interested in anything, just shoot me an email and I'll give you price.

92-96 Ford Truck or Bronco - Overhead Shelf It - Gray SOLD

73-96 Chrome Rear Step Bumper

73-79 Pickup/78-79 Bronco - Lund Sunvisor - New SOLD

73-79 Pickup/78-79 Bronco - OEM New Left Fender SOLD
73-79 Pickup/78-79 Bronco - Hood
73-79 Chrome Front Bumper
92-96 Hood
92-96 All Chrome Grille - New
92-96 ACC Carpet - Med Gray - Perfect Condition - 4 Months Old

Location (City):Virginia Beach
ZIP CODE (for shipping calculations):N/A
Will you Ship? (Y/N):N
Method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, etc):N/A
Payment method (PayPal, check, MO, etc):payPal, Cash
Other info:pM or email me at [email protected] for prices or additional info

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My Daughter wants a price on the Sun visor shipped to 99654 :thumbup
(Don't be startled when you get the shipping price it is Alaska:popc1:
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