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As far as a total list of interchangability is concerned no one can give it to you all
in one post. That will come in time and experience with working on your particular vehicle,searching this sites information, and reading the repair manual in your spare time. Just reading the manual randomly will shed light on many thing you havent realized yet.
If you plan on keeping your truck, purchasing a good repair manual will help you
incredibly, over and over again. And they are "right on" with the search advice.
Almost everything you can run into has been covered here on this site. The timing is easy but again the "time by sound " technique takes experience and for now you should think about buying a cheapy timing light, but remember the "inductive gun" is the one you want and not really the one that has the lead that goes in-line with the spark plug and plug wire.
Although it does work. Make sure your E-brake cable works the way it should , youll need that .
Otherwise youll need an assistant.
And get the "distributor nut" wrench extension, it just makes things easy. Usually 7 or 8 bucks at your parts store. If you cant get the timing light right away, basically if your (timing) is way too advanced , the engine valves will cackle, chinkle, like a bunch of metal parts bouncing around in a box. Other wise too far back and it will "start up" like toooo grrr errrr errr rerrrr sssllowwww if at all.
So you want to be a little back from the "cackle".
Give it gas and it "cackles", pull it over and turn it back some more till the cackle dissapears, now try it on the highway, long road over 55 MPH , listen for the cackle.
If it starts , pull over and turn the distributor back slightly. But even still without the
timing light you may not be at peak performance , anyways maybe this post will clear a little of the fog.
Dont push the truck if the valves are banging, that is NOT GOOD for the life of your engine.
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