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Comes with the 32" Yokohama A/T tires, dual exhaust, Rancho shocks, Clarion components, and anything else that isn't likely to be taken off, like the spare tire rack, custom gauges, factory spare wheel/tire, 31" Tacoma tire mounted on old Ford wheel. CB and antennas are gone. Light bar and Lund Vent Visor are also gone. Will give extra stuff I have laying around. $2400 obo or partial trade plus cash.

Web page for my truck:

Has had brake pads replaced, wires replaced, rotors ground down, bearings regreased, rear window replaced due to helper spring breaking (and was removed), K&N air filter, K&N breather filter, foglights hooked with a relay to highs/lows, and SilverStar headlights. Took it in for an alignment a few months ago, my brother said it wasn't worth the money or the hastle to align it for how little it was off. It had an alignment before I bought it.

I bought the truck almost 2 years ago. The guy replaced several bushings and other items on the truck.

I need some cash, but also I'm in need a vehicle with better gas mileage. Almost any vehicle, but mostly looking into an S-10/Ranger, 89-93 SC or 5.0L Bird/Cougar, Grand Prix or GTP. I'd really like to have a decent FWD car with a V6 and/or a 5-speed, or RWD car with a V8 and/or 5-speed.

Thank you very much for looking!
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