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Hello Fellow "Fullsizers".

Welcome to the "Full Size Bronco Invasion" Planning thread.

I am starting this thread for Information Storage Only, about the Upcoming Moab Trip in 2019 that @deathmobile2 suggested.
(that is why it's "Closed")

So, His Idea seems to be really "Taking Off" but, Info is getting "Buried" in all of the Replies.
(which is AWESOME by the way.)

Please Keep updating Your Thoughts , Question & Input into the Original Thread and I will do my BEST to Incorporate
Into the Information Here.

In this thread,
I will be Updating the Information on the Calendars, Lodging, Trail Selections Etc,,,,
When WE (All of Us) come to Agreed Dates, Times, yada yada yada

Sound Good?

Ok, So far a Couple of Items have been brought up.

1. Rig and Driver Capabilities.
This Event is Open to ALL Fullsize Broncos from Bone Stock to Full On Hi Performance Monsters.
The Trail System in Moab has trails for "Everyones" Individual Needs & Desires from Dirt Roads to Serious Rocks.

Have a "Show & Shiner"? Bring it.
(Although you Will have to wash off you own Dust).

All Stock? Bring It.
There are Trails Designated for the "Sight See'r" In All Of US.

Mid Level Trail Rig? Bring it.
There are trails All Over the place where you can "Test" your Rig & Driving Skills.

Crawler? Bring It.
You Know What You Want and Where to Get it just because "it's There".

Go Fast & Sand catch your Fancy? Bring it.
They have a Sandy area.

"Full On" Fire Breathing Monster? Bring it.
There are some "Serious" Trails for you too.

Basically if You have a "Fullsize Bronco? Bring it, There is something for Everyone. :thumbup

2. Trail Leadership.
We are currently Asking any "Fullsizers" with Multiple Moab Experiences under their belt to help out with "Trail Boss" duties.
@raleigh says that He usually "Leads" a couple of trails during the "Bronco Safari", so there's 1 Leader. :thumbup
@Renorover just joined in and will be willing to "Lead" for a day or two also. :twotu::twotu:

3. Dates. (Bring yer' Own. LOL Just Kidding)
The Official dates for the "Full Size Bronco Invasion" is
From Tuesday, 30 April thru Sunday, 5 May 2019
to Coincide with the "Bronco Safari"

4. Lodging / Camping.
As Info comes In, We will get it up Here. (In the "Lodging" Post)

5. Rig Breakage / Parts & Repairs.
We all have this in the "Back of our Minds",, Always.
there is a post in here for this too.

6. Documentation.

6a. Camping, Park & Trail Fee's will be in that Post.

6b. Magazine Spread. @deathmobile2 - @Bronco Logic - @Hillbilly Heaven - @itwasFREE!!!! have all commented about the
"Showcasing" of the Full Size Bronco and this Moab Adventure in PRINT.

What a GREAT IDEA....
So, When you come, Take tons of Pics & NOTES,,,, from the Prepping, Loading, the Drive (Convoys)
Arrival, Camping, the TRAILS & Festivities.....

Now doesn't this just sound AWESOME????

More Info To Follow

White Dragon

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Trail Information:

1. Here's a "Link" provided by @itwasFREE!!!! ,It Really puts a lot of Perspective to the "Trail Hunt" (Thank You Sir)


2. Here is a "Package Deal" given by @Bogie that can be used with GPS Systems. (Very Cool). :thumbup


Trail Routes:


This Track would be a "Through" trail. it is Easy with some "Light" type wheeling for the shorter rigs and some decent Little Obstacles
to "See" how Rigs & Drivers do before "Advancing" to more Difficult Trails.
It would be an All Day run (7 h 15M + stop times) with Arches & Dinosaur Tracks too.
Trails are, From 191 (Just North of Arches Ntl. Park Main Entrance) Right turn onto "Willow Springs rd." - Left onto "Eye of the Whale" - Left on "Tower Arch" then Backtrack to - Left on Salt Valley rd. - Left onto "Klondike Bluffs Escape" via "Baby Steps - then Out on "Klondike Bluffs" back to Hwy 191.
If your using the "Trails Off road" app you can see the "Whole Shebangy" LoL.

2+ hr trail.

2+ hr trail (Moderate)

Easy to Moderate;
This one is a "Through" Trail also, Lost of "Neat Stuff" to stop and check out along the way with some good but not too tough obstacles to boot.

For a Taste of "Overland & Roll Camping", 190 Miles - could be a easy 2 Day trip or we could Shorten it for a good All Day Adventure.


Everybody is saying, "You Gotta" do Fins-N-Things.

This Looks like a Good Trail too.

Moderate to Difficult;

While this trail is a "Moderate to Difficult" Rating it is a "Through" track, with Lots of Bypasses Plus the Options to watch some of the "Heavy Hitters" Play on some of the Obstacles along this trail. ("Hells Gate" - "Hot Tubs" - "Escalator" & the "Tip Over" challenge.)



Moderate to Extreme;

Trail Recommendations from Members.

Hells Revenge, Fins-N-Things, Seven Mile Rim, Golden Spike, Poison Spider.

My suggestions for Stockish FSBs on 33's - 35's: (The Jeep Safari list referenced is a good guide.)
The ones listed as easy are mainly dirt roads (2s and 3s).

The 4's and 5's are good trails -
I'd recommend Fins N Things (very fun trial with no body damage).
Hell's revenge is a 4 IF you don't do the obstacles. - this is one (I would not try Hell's Gate with 6" of lift)
Wipe Out Hill - without doing the Hill but there's a good place to park and watch people on the Hill.

The 6's start getting a bit harder -
Minimum 35's. Top of the World is a great trail and not that hard - the view at the end is worth it!
Poison Spider Mesa is probably as difficult as you want to get,
a couple of water falls close to the start are tough and could cause some damage/breakage - then you have to go back down them after the loop.

As listed, I'd stay away from the 7's and up.
Golden Spike is a very cool trail (with the famous Golden Crack) BUT you access it from the first half of Poison Spider and exit via Gold Bar Rim.
It's a VERY LONG DAY to do all 3 trails (10-12 hours total) and there is a deeply dug-out waterfall on Gold Bar Rim where you'll likely need to winch up. There is a winch point.

A cool trail not listed but very interesting is Gemini Bridges. It's a short hike to a a double arch.

Just my thoughts for you guys. You'll have a blast - wish I could join you!

The Printed Trail Ratings & Info below, was provided from, https://www.rr4w.com/


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Lodging, RV's and Camping Information.

General Moab Tourist Info:
(Links to a lot)


Motel / Hotels:

Luxury Tiny Home Rentals:

( Courtesy of @Blue1551 )

RV's (Group Sites)?




Camping Sites (With RV Facilities)

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Campgrounds near Moab, Utah

(Devils Garden Campgrounds - 49 RV & Camper spaces w/ Drinking Water & Flush Toilets)

Glamping Sites.


(Kinda Cool,,, from @stan the man )

FREE camping sites.



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Auto Parts / Mechanics & Junk Yards.

We ALL think Similarly, "What if",,, So Here's the "Skinny".


RJ's Towing & Repair. - (435) 260-0525
2969 Roberts Rd. Moab, Utah

Auto Parts Suppliers:

CrumpReese Moab Ford. - (888) 798-5047
500 S Main St. Moab, Utah
M - F . 8a - 6p
Sat. 9a - 2p

Car Quest. - (435) 259-2413
1010 S Main St. Moab, Utah
M - Sat. 7a - 6:30p
Sun. 8a - 4p

Canyon Lands, Napa - (435) 259-7195
65 W 200 St. Moab, Utah
M - F. 7:30a - 6p
Sat. 8a - 6p

O'reilly Auto Parts. - (435) 259-9449
1026 S Main St. Moab, Utah
M-F. 7a - 8p
Sat. 7a - 7p
Sun. 9a - 6p

Tire Shops:

OTR Tire Factory / Point S Moab. - (435) 259-0066
839 S Main St. Moab, Utah
M-F. 7:30a - 5:30p
Sat. 8a - 2p

Grand Tire Pros. (435) 259-7909
312 N Main. Moab, Utah


Dixie 4wd Shop (Moab) - (435) 275-0145
11858 S Hwy 191. Moab, Utah.
M-F. 8a - 6p
Sat. 10a - 2p

Red Rock Semi Truck & RV Repair - (435) 210-1754
35 Grand Ave. Moab, Utah.

Get a Grip Automotive - (435) 210-8136
277 W Rio Grande Dr. Moab, Utah.
M - Sun. 10a - 7p

UTV Mechanics:

MadBro Motorsports - (435) 259-6232
M-F. 8a - 6p
Sat. 8a - 1p

Junk Yards / Auto Recyclers: UPDATE,

@Calspecial was just in Moab this weekend ( 5-8 Oct 2018)and needed parts,
NO "BoneYards" in Moab any more.... He ended up going to Grand Junction, CO for parts.

Whitewater Auto Recycling
Address: 378 28 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 245-2880


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Hospitals / Pharmacy's / Veterinarians.

Well, this is just the way we roll.


1. Moab Regional Hospital. (435) 719-3500 - (Level IV Trauma Center - 24 hr. Emergency)
450 Williams wy. Moab, Utah.

2. San Juan Hospital. (435) 587-2116 - (24 H Emergency Room)
380 w 100N, Monticello, Utah. (50 Miles South of Moab.)


1. Allen Memorial Hospital & Pharmacy. (435) 259-7191
719 w 400N. Moab, Utah

2. Walter Drug. (435) 259-5959
290 s Main. Moab, Utah
M/Sat. 7:30a - 9p
Sun. 8:30a - 6p

3. City Market & Pharmacy. (435) 259-8971
425 s Main. Moab, Utah
7 days. 6a - Midnight.


1. Millcreek Animal Hospital. (435) 259-2733 (24 hr Emergency)
125 e 300 s. Moab, Utah

2. Moab Veterinary Clinic. (435) 259-8710
4575 Spanish Valley Dr.
M-F. 8a - 5p
Sat. 8a -Noon


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Participant Information:

WOW, Lots of Interest,,,,
Where does Next Year Happen ????
(Stay Tuned & see)

We have had 66 rigs Interested in this Event at varying points.
(Not Counting FB & "Lurkers")

Here are the "Intrepid Adventurers" that actually Made It there.

1. @silent one
2. @BigBlue 94
3. @AbandonedBronco
4. @raleigh
5. @jfourdyce
6. @Blue1551
7. @not a jeep
8. @wileec
9. @Renorover
10. @klh95bronco
11. @Bogie
12. @Bruners4
13. @Calspecial
14. @CWbronco
15. @NickOille
16. @95bronco460
17. @Bronco Logic
18. @RJLougee

Driving My Bronco - 12
Trailering my Rig - 6

Trails. (For Group Trail Run Suggestions)
Easy to Moderate - 11
Difficult - 4 +
Extreme - 3 +

Some of the Participants found themselves on trails that were a little more than they Bargained For.
No Worries though they Made it relatively unscathed,
their "BSR's" raised to 8.9 (Bronco Survival Rating) :ford

Interested, Tried Like Hell,, But Life Happens -49 Rigs.

Glad Ya'll had FUN,

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Food & Meetup Spots.

@raleigh recommends these places,
Pasta Jay's - Zak's Pizza - The Blue Pig & "Milts" for Burgers & Shakes.

@itwasFREE!!!! recommends the "Moab Brewery" for food & craft beer.

You have a Suggestion for Food & Drinks?
PM Me, I'll Add it for All the "Future" Moab Rigs to use too. :thumbup


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Recommended "On Board" Gear for Moab

Aside from the "Normal" off road kits is there any "Special Items" someone should have as well?

Oil Spill Kit -

Human Waste Disposal Kit and Privacy Tent -

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