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‘95 xl, 5.8l, ZF S5-47, BW1356, SAS, D44(8lug), Sterling 10.25 (Detroit)
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Moved: Solid D44 8-lug question

The reason it was posted in General was because:

1: It could relate to a 78/9 Bronco owner with some insight into swapping a solid D44 to 8-lug.

2: It could relate to a 80-96 TTB owner who swapped to a 8-lug rear-end, with knowledge of chevy 8-lug outters (which is what you'd have to do if you were trying to swap in a 8-lug rear axle and keep the TTB).

3: The obvious: Somebody who's done a SAS on a 80-96 and wanted to ask a question about swapping to 8-lug and figured the best place to get the most exposure was where it was originally posted.

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