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mojave rd feb 20th through 22nd

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mojave rd feb 20th through 22nd 09

im trying to get a mojave rd run going from east to west, weather permitting. it'd be a weekend trip. anyone interested?
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We have tried to get this going the last few years. Nothing has popped. I would love to go. But, my rig is down in the dumps , needs TLC and the cash isnt' there to do it. Good luck.:thumbup

Your rig is always down in the dumps.. :toothless

Well then again so is ours. :rofl:

Is there any info I can read up about doing a mojave run? That's plenty far out where it should be possible for us to make it.
My truck always in the dumps? LOL.Not hardly. I usually take great care of the rig. Just haven't been. Needs some serious TLC. Beast runs, just not real well. could always run better..

There used to be a Mojave sticky at the top of our section. But, it has been removed. Do a google search on the Mojave Trail. You will find some good stuff.
What kind of TLC does it need? I forgot where in so cal are ya?
ah.. The typical upkeep.. Things seperatly don't cost much, but add em all together and it gets expensive.. Then comes the time and motivation to do it..

I feel your pain.. Same thing with our bronco.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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