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Pepe' have your tried going the other way in which you would bolt the mount to the engine while installing, instead of the frame? 1-1/2 is a lot though. I have their extreme 429/460 mounts in my 78, no issues there.
Mounts were bolted up to the block before I tried to install. Dad was trying to convince me to do it the way your talking, after we couldn't get it to fit. Probably a better explanation in the thread.
I checked JBG and there are NO mounts listed for a 400 but one set listed for a 351M in the early 80's. I'm going to try and pull these and see if I can swap 'em around... even if I have to grind 'em up, before I try those. Apparently I love the punishment. ;)

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Since the extreme motor mounts use a leaf spring bushing and are bolted together I took them apart during install. IIRC I bolted one half to the engine block and then shimmied the other half in while the engine was jacked up.

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that's an interesting idea...
It totally works! I've been doing it for years, I've even got a set of those "extreme motor mounts" on my shelf because they didn't work in my EB with my bigger motor, so I just ended up bolting the motor mounts together from there on out. The nut came loose once so I weld them now.

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I found another option, similar design as Solo's but $130 vs $180:

The seller (driven4x4) responded very quickly and said they'll fit '80-96, despite being listed as for Early Broncos. Just one small disclaimer: "Some late model blocks have a small rib and may have to grind a grove on the motor mount metal housing."
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