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motor swap questions

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so as my info says i have a 95 with 302, e4od, maf.... i know that a SD intake conversion to MAF is quite involved and not what you would call plug and play, just out of curiosity sake i am wondering what about going the other way?. i have access to a 88 f250 with 351. not sure what trans but it is automatic. obviously this is somewhat hypothetical... but is there any reason why i could not do a motor swap to the older 351 and it's SD intake?... how much (other than motor and eec) would have to change? would the '95 e4od be compatible with the '88 351?

i know most people dont talk about putting older powerplants in their trucks, im just curious if anyone has done it and what was involved. this f250 is a decent truck, but i expect it to rust out before the motor would die so just wondering if it would be worth saving for this swap idea. my 302 is ok, but wouldnt mind to have a little more... plus it would solve my issue of not finding a eec for my 302 anywhere so theres that... lol

i know theres a lot less fuzes and tech under the hood of the 86-91 generation so im not even sure if this is a reasonable idea to consider.

any input is welcome, thanks!
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Just reuse the newer engine harness, sensors, and swap distributor drive gears to use your newer distributor.
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If your truck is already MAF, there isn’t any conversion process for the older engine to go in. Like I said, you use all your original wiring, sensors, Distributor, and ecu... If you don’t have MAF, then you have to add some wires, get a MAF ECU.
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