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Moved to Tucson

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Hey all,
I just moved AZ from Texas, and I was able to tow my Bronco along. Right now Im in the middle of a Solid Axle and NV4500 swap. I cant wait to get this thing on the road again!!
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get it done by the 17th and you can hit the trails with us
hehe, Ill do my best!
Tuscon? Why?? lol
Good question, I got stationed here (ARMY) and my wife is finishing school at U of A. I actually like it here so far.
yeah I dont care for tucson personally. lived there for a few years then came back to phx
yeah, Ive been up to phoenix a few times. Seems like theres alot more to do. hell, at least I dont live in Sierra Vista!!
what you do in the army? im in tucson as well. welcome.

btw i like tucson, not to big or small.
Im an intelligence officer at Ft Huachuca. I agree, Tucson is nice. I can see why alot of people retire out here.
sweet, i spent 6 years in the army. i was in the 82nd the whole time. hope this place treats you well.
I spent all my time as an 11A in 25 ID until I transfered to MI (branch detail). Totally different world.
Not that Tucson is great, but living in Phoenix sucks. Phoenix is 5 degrees hotter, bigger, and has about 3.5 million more assholes. There is so much concrete and sprawl that it doesn't cool off on summer nights like it does in Tucson. I could afford a decent house in Tucson that didn't require a 40 mile commute to work, in Phoenix I'm forced to rent to live central. Tucson has a smaller feel and the people are more consistant. I can still go back to Tucson and run into people I know on a regular basis.

The distances just suck here in Phoenix. From my house in North Phoenix to Surprise where Dustin lives is 35 miles, to my buddy Mark's house in Mesa it's 35 miles the other way and there's another 15 miles of city past his house. To get to anyplace to go wheelin I'm looking at a 40 mile drive north, or 65 miles out to FJ. In Tucson I was 12 miles from Reddington, and about 25 miles from Charleau Gap.

I'll escape here one day, hopefully one day soon. I've been here almost 3 years now...3 hot miserable years.
Heck, I live in Tucson and commute to Sierra Vista every day (about an hour each way). It sucks!! It should be just short term though (6 months or so). Ill tell you, never again will I do that.
Also, I agree about Phoenix, except that stuff like salvage yards and such are much more available. Ive had to go there multiple times to get stuff that wasnt available here.
I've made that drive to sorry vista more times than I care to count. It does suck, and always be careful around speedtrap 1 (where the shell station is) and speedtrap 2 (Hachuca city). If I were making that drive daily I'd seriously look at moving to Rita Ranch or Vail to minimize your commute. I was living by park mall for my last 3 years in Tucson, and out at Houghton and Broadway before that.

If you want to do some wheelin hook up with the Tucson Rough Riders They are the most established group in the area and family friendly. I think there is also wildcat offroad, but last I checked it was a group of frat boys with jeeps.

When I lived in Tucson I liked coming up to Phoenix once a month or so, mainly because things were available here. After getting transferred here with work I don't like living here.
yeah, I looked at houses in vail, but i couldnt find anything I liked. Im off of Valiencia, so its not too much further. Thanks, of the info on the wheeling group. Thats my biggest reserve about hooking up with wheeling groups, I dont want to end up around a bunch of "cool guys" or frat boy idiots, Im nore for the family environment. Again, thanks!
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