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Moved to Tucson

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Hey all,
I just moved AZ from Texas, and I was able to tow my Bronco along. Right now Im in the middle of a Solid Axle and NV4500 swap. I cant wait to get this thing on the road again!!
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Not that Tucson is great, but living in Phoenix sucks. Phoenix is 5 degrees hotter, bigger, and has about 3.5 million more assholes. There is so much concrete and sprawl that it doesn't cool off on summer nights like it does in Tucson. I could afford a decent house in Tucson that didn't require a 40 mile commute to work, in Phoenix I'm forced to rent to live central. Tucson has a smaller feel and the people are more consistant. I can still go back to Tucson and run into people I know on a regular basis.

The distances just suck here in Phoenix. From my house in North Phoenix to Surprise where Dustin lives is 35 miles, to my buddy Mark's house in Mesa it's 35 miles the other way and there's another 15 miles of city past his house. To get to anyplace to go wheelin I'm looking at a 40 mile drive north, or 65 miles out to FJ. In Tucson I was 12 miles from Reddington, and about 25 miles from Charleau Gap.

I'll escape here one day, hopefully one day soon. I've been here almost 3 years now...3 hot miserable years.
I have to agree wholeheartedly with this.

I was born and raised in Tucson and moved to Phoenix about 3 1/2 years ago for a job. I was holding out for something local but it didn't happen, hence the move to Phoenix for the only other job on the table at the time. :doh0715:

I wouldn't say I regret the move, but I do sorely miss Tucson at times. The mountains, the cooler temperatures, the size and layout of the city and several places I used to go that just don't have a counterpart up here in Phoenix.

And yes, the sprawl up here is definitely insane. I still can't believe that getting through (and out of) Phoenix takes about 1/3 of the travel time between here and Tucson. :shocked

There's definitely advantages to living in Phoenix vs. Tucson, no doubt about it, but part of me still wants to move back there someday. :shrug
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