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moving to augusta, ga...

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well folks i will be in augusta, ga for 9 months starting tomorrow... ill be seeing yall around... i know yall do a bunch of M&Gs so ill be sure to catch one or two when i can... later...
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This is just temp for you and then where will you be going?
hopefully back here to bragg, nc... but only time will tell...
Glad to have you, I'm about 15 minutes from AUG, always glad to see another FSB'r in the area:beer
Nice place, I have a buddy who lives there.
It sounds like we may need to have an Augusta M&G @ Sonic some night.
sounds good... looking forward to it... since the wife is scared of the bronco it will be making the trip with me wooo hoooo... fort gordon here i come...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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