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This Sat Aug 23, 2008 is the Mud Bog at the Huntsville Speedway. Starts at 6:30pm (4wheelers) and 7:30 (trucks).

FYI;;; Its under new management, Mike Wodds. He has done alot of work the past couple of weeks so the pit will not be flooded like it was in the past = (3-4 foot deep). I spoke with him today and he said most stock rigs should be able to make it through the pit but they will be SLOW at it, lol.

web page;

For those that dont know this is the same day of the Rockcrawling comp, King of the HIll. These two events are held about 30 min from each other and the Mud Bog starts 1.5 hours after the rockcrawling ends so attending both is no problem for anyone coming from out of town.
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