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Mutual Mine next weekend

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Mutual Mine 10-4

On next weekend going to Citrus. I will be going with a 98 zj, plus the people from fla4x4 going. This place should be sweet.
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dont think i can go. take pics though i wanna see what its like.
I will just for you guys.

What it was like before, I have never been but it looks pretty nice.
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damn that looks like fun.
Yes, it looks like a lot of fun..:thumbup
The pics are here,

The spots are legal, and sweet. Better than Ocala IMO. I will be back soon. :goodfinge
looks like a great spot. gonna have to make it out to that one.
is that k5 one of the guys on florida4x4?
Yea everyone who went is on florida4x4 The trails were wide, and a fullsize could do most of the stuff.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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