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I got my third new bronco! I named him Ed. It is a1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.0 Liter V8
I Bought it at Only 76,011 Actual Miles!
Gorgeous Colonial White Paint! (Which is an off White)
There weren't too many Eddie Bauers made in this shade of white. For each model year the options and colors changed.
I picked this truck up about an hour from my home and I have to say it drove fantastic. It is extremely tight and smooth, especially for a Bronco. This has to be one of my favorite driving Broncos in a long time! The tried and true 5.0 liter V8 seemed especially powerful. The drive home was quiet and comfortable.
The interior looks amazing and the Leather seats show little wear. Also the carpets are free from rips or stains. All accessories work properly and the stock radio sounds beautiful!
I plan on installing some new exhaust. If you are interested, I am selling my Air Deflector wing, Lund Sun visor, Factory Chromed Rims from the dealer which were installed back in 1994 and of course the Eddie Bauer Tucson Bronze Fender Flares. If any one is interested in any of these Bronco Accesories please let me know! This Truck was decked out in Accessories because it sat on the showroom floor in a Chicago Ford Dealership to showcase for 19 Years.
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