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Ok, so I have been building cars as long as i could remember, my pop and grandpa always did, and i quickly followed, using whatever they had laying around. I started learning about cars with the greatest car ever created. A Volkswagen beetle. Fast forward to high school and ive owned/built everything i could get my hands on, from an 11 second honda to a bagged s-10 to my rotary powered 13 second bug and my resto mod 75 firebird. but, i have never owned a ford, my family was always against it. I had a custom saturn that was my dd, and i got bored with it, so i put it on craigslist fs/ft. lots of offers, but the only one that stuck out to me was a clean 96 1150 Kawasaki Ninja, or a big, filthy, not taken care of bronco.

ya, obvious which i chose since im here. i have my all stock 64 bug as my economy car, and i need a truck, so out went my 14 second saturn, and into an 86 bronco i went. now, im still learning, and i have some questions, but ill put them in the appropriate thread. so, enough about me, lets get some pics!

first day, top has NEVER been off and i dont think this thing had ever been washed!

after washing, buffing, vacuuming, taking the top off and installing my stereo [flip down deck, 1800 watt amp and two 12" orion subs]

later that night

and earlier this week

when im done, this aint gunna be no' mall crawler
some of you may have noticed my lovely power steering fluid stain under the front bumper in the last pics, i am guessing i blew the seal where the pitman arm shaft comes out, like it says, FORD [F.ixed O.r R.epaired D.aily]

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Welcome to FSB Brother ~ :thumbup

86 is my favorite year ~ lol lol

There is so much information you can learn here from everyone it's amazing, I managed to swap in a new 302 I had built with the help of some FSB members so don't be afraid to use the "search" tool above, you can a lot of answers to problems you can fix yourself but if you're struggling like most of us do some times ask away, we're all here to share our mechanical experiences to help keep these rigs rolling. :rockon

Great pic of those beaudacious ta ta's , oh and course the BKO too! :chili:

Good Luck ~ :thumbup
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