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WES... your apology is the most insincere thing I have read on this site.
Your acting like an immature little dick! GROW UP!!!

1. This site is NOT about Wheelin'. It's about the VEHICLE... the FULLSIZE BRONCO!
Yes... many of us like to wheel and obviously some feel stronger than others, but the bottom line is that many of us could give a big fat stinky sh!t about your opinions on wheelin' rights and wrongs. Your opinions are just that... opinions.

2. If you really care about people wheelin' responsibly... then you would present the facts and show a person why they should take care when going out to have a good time in thier Bronco. If you just start FLAMING away... then you are just an ass waiting for an excuse to FLAME someone. Seriously think about it... if you want to convince someone to agree with you, you generally don't do that by pissing on thier shoes!

3. The person you flamed has donated more meaningfull time and money to this site than you could know. Not to mention discounted products to many members, just for being members of this site. Is this how the appreciation is shown? Do any of you realize the time and effort, not to mention the personal cash donations made by this member? A guy who has stepped up again and again to donate more then they can afford, and dedicated hours on hours for your entertainment. Fnckin' INGRATES!

I took the time and read through that thread and was pissed before getting 1/2 way through. I have to agree... if this is the way this site is going to start heading... as much as I love this place... count me out too!
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Not open for further replies.