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Sounds awful.

Here's the process. Go out first thing in the morning, warm or cold, place key in ignition, turn key, starter engages, engine starts, knocking starts, 5 seconds late knockings gone.

I have to say its gotten pretty loud as of late, but it does always go away.

Another problem is my starter or solenoid is overheating.

If I drive down the freeway for lets say 7-10 miles, then park it and go to turn it on within the next 10-15 minutes it will crank SLOOOOOOW. Sometimes wont even start.

Anyone else have anything similar happen? I know the knocking is probably common, most likely lifter push, but the starter thing is actually quite annoying, and more pressing.

Btw truck is an 80 and has probably more miles then I care to know, and has recently decided to drip from the rear main.

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Check,clean and tighten all your battery cable connections.

The knock is probably lifters.Some Lucas will help but will not fix the problem.
How many miles on what motor.
<<<<<Fill in your stuff,it makes giving answers a wee bit

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Well it's either the starter motor or fender mounted "starter relay" so indicate which one......double check the "bolts" are tight enough at the starter motor.....and there's "voltage drop testing" by FSB member Broncojoe19 dtd 11/28/210 "search" see if the starter motor is on it's way out or not, especially if you're having hot/hard starts after drivng a bit a sure sign there's an issue with it.

Test the "right " side of the "starter relay" and that cable going down to the starter motor for voltage, any issues with connections at the relay or starter motor will affect starting and no voltage, no start.

Hopefully you don't have any issues with your "flexlate" ie. balancing or damage to teeth....maybe a stretch but!

Put a minimum 850CCA battery on your wish list and the BKO will thank you everyday, battery cables/ends etc. etc........I got mine at Costco for around $81.00 out the door worth every penny IMO.

The knocking sounds like a "timing issue" so check what your BTDC is = before top dead center degree, mine is 10* BTDC and check/test the distributor and ignition components for any issue to help it fire up.

Lifters.....? I would use Mystery Oil.......JMO!

Additional search help:

Good Luck ~ :thumbup
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