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my buddy is selling his SRT4 I thought I would throw it up here incase anyone was interested

This is his ad

if your interested and want his number shoot me a pm I will get it to you or u can email him

2004 Electric Blue SRT-4

AWESOME Daily Driver!!

So the SRT is going up for sale I'm going for 17,950 OBO ( if your interested call and maybe we can work something out)
With the car are 4 extra stock Rims that were rattle canned black, some painter thinner or solvent should take it off no prob)

It has 45000 miles on it, it has had mobile one synth every 3000miles I have proof of service

Mods: ( all mod installs were done by Mopar Techs, no hack jobs )
Stage 1
Stage 2 WGA
Mopar BOV
K&N Typhoon
Mopar Short Throw Shifter
Blue Internal Facia
MSD-DIS2 with 2 Step (installed with button in steering wheel
MSD plug wires
Hotchkis 29 Swaybar front and rear
Mopar (Steel) Strut Braces
Cool blue lights all around (Clear Front fender light covers)
Yokohama ES100 225/45/r17 (less than 4k miles on them)

I have all the stock Parts that were replaced and they come with the car.

E-mail me: [email protected]

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