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My E4OD took a crap the other day...

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Yeah, so... my tranny's ****ed :banghead and I'm praying that the guy my buddy knows will either A: give me his old transmission, or B: sell it to me very cheaply. The other option, is of course to rebuild (I did some searching a while back and came up with a link from a thread that's supposedly the most comprehensive rebuild of the E4OD yet so I think I could rebuild it, although... I've never rebuilt a transmission before) Other than that, I'm faced with a bunch of crap from this as the Bronco's my only mode of transportation. Any insight from anybody?
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Today's Progress

I pulled the pan off to take a look at the carnage inside the pan, I was relieved not to find any large pieces of metal, although I've been keeping a magnet on both the oil pan & the tranny pan for quite a while, I've never pulled the tranny pan off in the time I've owned the truck (I now see that if I'd changed fluid & filter when I bought her I wouldn't have had this problem...) Although, someone in the past placed a small magnet inside the transmission pan and I couldn't be happier that they did! Here's what I found.

As you can see the fluid's practically black, dark dark red for the most part. And the magnet inside the pan has collected a gelatin of metal particles accumulated with ATF that forms a rather thick/granular substance.

I guess I really roasted the clutches here...
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Okay, I have no experience with any transmission aside from changing clutches in manuals... It's a whole new game to me. A friend suggested that I pull the torque converter & completely flush all the fluid out, change the filter and slap 'er back in. Will this work?? Or do I have to rebuild/replace the internals of my trans?
I haven't pulled codes, nor do I own a code reader. The transmission ran fine in 1st & Reverse. But when it came to 2nd, or Drive it would hesitate and would not accelerate properly. It would go above 3K rpm then it felt like the rear end would jerk out from under you and then the truck would start accelerating normally again. The rpm scale would go back & fourth between 2k & 3k depending on where my foot was trying to keep it. My first instinct was that the T/C was going out (as my buddy's camaro had a similar problem, and the stall/torque converter had failed. I see now... as I started driving it, moving from 1st, to 2nd, then to 3rd, then activating O/D, that 1st was slipping as well, and I knew it could not be the torque converter. I would love to be able to pull codes and understand what they mean and how to fix all them (I'm sure there are lots of codes being thrown...) But I haven't been able to afford the little diagnostics tool.
the higher line press is a good thing...sig has done a mod to his with like $5 in parts from radioshack to increase line pressure for firmer shifts and longer trans life.....i read somewhere that if you disconect the batt it should reset it and take it out of failsafe mode....thats what it sounds like it did is went into failsafe mode

I'd love to spend $5 in electric parts vs. a shift kit for $50-90. But how does that explain the slipping of gears? Do you think, I can just reset the system, and see where it takes me? Or should I go ahead with the rebuild/replacement?
Okay... So, good news!!! Had the codes pulled, and it threw up a Code 10, 311,322, & 538. Code 10 is the Throttle positioning sensor... and 311 is the AIR tube, and 322 is the EGR valve and all that crap... Which makes sense to me now. So... Gonna go ahead and replace the fluid & filter in the trans and buy the TPS and keep on Truckin'! :thumbup
Hm.... I've already bought the TPS... now realizing that the TPS is located beneath the throttle body... This sucks. We're going to see where this takes me. I spoke with "Quick", the guy who did the diagnostics, he's one of the guys who shows up friday & saturday night to the little car rally's we have. He said he'd done a lot of work on fords, and it's not the first time he's seen this happen. I've never heard of it... but I'm willing to spend the $34 instead of the steep prices for transmissions. If it doesn't work, you know I'll be back on here cursing, spitting, and pissed off... Thanks Sig.
:cry I hate life... and I hate this crap... Still got a ****ed up drivetrain and still clueless as to how much it's going to cost... :banghead

:whiteflag For you, Sig...
Well, curiosity got the best of me tonight, I went out and started tinkering. Among the things I was messing with, I activated the 4wd, usually generating a very small clicking noise from the Tcase, which I did not notice this evening.... but when activating 4-Low... I heard a HUGE clank, similar to a hammer being struck on railroad iron... Scared the shit out of me... Does this open any new doors to my problem, or just one more thing I have to replace?
I would love to pull codes again, but that requires another drive over to Furr Transmission. Nothin' against 'em but the TPS sensor didn't make a lick of difference in anything at all. Truck drives and runs exactly the same. But it is, none the less, a very good idea. I've been calling all sorts of junk yards today. I've found one for $300 over in the crystal springs area. I think that's my best bet. The guy (Guines) I spoke with has been in the salvage parts business for over 30+ years, my father claims to have experience with them, and said he never had a problem out of his parts. I'll have to call back tomorrow and ask about the mileage on the transmission he has, also have to call durabuilt converters and see about a new T/C. But yes... pulling codes again is on my To-Do list. I'll let you guys know what comes up.
Thanks, Sig... I had no idea I could check codes like that! What makes me curious is that after replacing the TPS I had the battery disconnected the entire time, I was under the impression this would clear codes and relieve the transmission out of the Fail-Safe mode. But the transmission is acting the same. I'm such a novice at this kind of thing, all I can do is the wrench work... as I've said earlier... I've located a replacement tranny and if I can't work this b.s. out by sunday, I'm picking the trans up on monday. Any further insight from the oh-so-experienced ones?
Well, I drove to Advance Auto to pull codes, because I couldn't figure out the self test... :banghead at any rate... when I tried to leave, I lost all but Reverse gear...:doh0715: I'm hoping that the issue is the MPLS and not the trans. I'll tow the truck back later this afternoon. Until then I guess I'll keep reading and researching all the different things that could cause malfunctions. BTW, I didn't thank anyone yet, but for the record I'm VERY grateful for everyone's help and assistance with this.

One small step for the bronco, one big back ache for me, Getting the replacement!

So, I finally pulled the transmission out this morning. I haven't had any help from anyone and it's been quite the hastle, I don't know about you fella's but I'm not that big of a man.. trying to move the transmission and tcase with the torque converter attached is a feat of super-human strength for someone like me:whiteflag. But it's out and I'm going to the pull-a-part today to get the replacement:twotu:. I hope the replacement lasts long enough to rebuild mine. I guess I won't be wheelin' or speedin' for a while:music0715
So, I spent three hours at pul a part. I found two sets of hubs, plenty of shitty wheels, one good winch bumper and one good heavy-duty rear bumper. No e40d's.... but I did get the replacement rear window switch:thumbup I'm not sure where to go from here. But w/e... I'll figure something out, keep y'all updated.
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