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My E4OD took a crap the other day...

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Yeah, so... my tranny's ****ed :banghead and I'm praying that the guy my buddy knows will either A: give me his old transmission, or B: sell it to me very cheaply. The other option, is of course to rebuild (I did some searching a while back and came up with a link from a thread that's supposedly the most comprehensive rebuild of the E4OD yet so I think I could rebuild it, although... I've never rebuilt a transmission before) Other than that, I'm faced with a bunch of crap from this as the Bronco's my only mode of transportation. Any insight from anybody?
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You sure its not a electrical problem? or maybe try dumping in some trans tune and get it to drive for awhile? Then change the fluid.

did you drop the pan and find exploded parts?
I know it might seem redundant, but try pulling codes yourself and see what you get.

I know we've discussed it a few times in past threads, but sometimes, just removing and reconnecting the solenoid pack connector is enough to alleviate a LOT of shifting problems.
red you going to do this or what???

funny thing is advance auto only scans 1996+ codes...
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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