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I am looking at 3 different 1995 to 1996 broncos one is an XLT and 2 Eddie bowers and I wanted some suggestions from you all. All of them are VERY stock and the bodies have no visible rust and I can not feel bondo anywhere (and I am super picky). All three have over 120k on them and I wondered what I should plan on replacing to make a good daily driver. I was thinking that I would put new springs, shocks, tires (33's), intake, exhaust and a few other accoutrements. What motor or trany things should I expect to do right away?

Your input would be helpful.


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Just get the most mechanically sound one of the bunch and your set. Cosmetics and extras are easy when you dont have to worry about the engine, tranny and etc. Savvy?

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Change all fluids.

Change internal tranny filter while changing fluid.

Add tranny temp gauge, external filter a cooler (or larger cooler if yours comes with one, which I think the XLT and Eddie Bs do) if your tranny gauge determines you need the cooler.

Pull codes (just to make sure you are all clear).

Add a water temp gauge.

Do the Sixliter tune up....

That should keep you busy and broke for a few weeks!

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leave the intake alone. A inline 6 300/460 snorkle is the best mod for the intake. Add a drop in K&N.

Plan on changing just about all the weatherstripping if you want to keep it rust free. See theres a lip on the bottom of the doors/tailgate. When the weatherstripping drys and get hard it lets water pass by it and go inside the tailgate/door. It then sits in the bottom lips, while the drain holes are ABOVE the lips. Then you get rust. Thats how that works.

fresh fluids
transmission filter, cooler, and remote filter
oil pressure, transmission temp, coolant temp gauges
3g alternator swap
extend breather lines if you play in the mud.
sixliter tune up
bassani Y pipe, aero chamber muffler, highflow cats, autozone tail pipe
(the 96 302 a bassani y pipe is not made for, you have to mod a 95 one to make it work.)

Get a bronco with the tow package.

The tow package included:
Trailer wiring harness, HD turn sig flasher, rear stab. bar (that will be a dead giveaway), quad front and HD rear shocks, HD battery, and super engine cooling (this is also a dead giveaway since this should include a larger capacity radiator, front mount tranny cooler and engine oil cooler.) Limited slip 3.55 rear axle. both 302 and 351 came with 4k bumpers standard (limited class III tow if I recall correctly), which is why they did not automatically come with bolt on hitches. 351 was max. tow of 7k, 302 was 6600, unless manual (could not get a manual 5.8), which was only 3k. GCWR 12k for 351, 11,500 for 302 auto, and a measly 7,800 for manual. 3.55 gearing axle ratio. guess the manual in these later years were not real heavy duty. I think the oil cooler became part of the tow package in 1994 or 95.

The radiator will be a 2 core. The transmission cooler will be 11x7x1.5 wide
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