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My latest bronco build

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Well to start this all off I previously built a 78 bronco starting in Highschool that was a reall rust bucket, but it was never intended to be a show truck. In the end I had narrowed the front 11inches, put a coiled 60 in front, sterling rear, half doors, roll cage, locked f/r, hydro assist, with 460 swap. I loved the truck when it worked but that was about every two trips something else would break. Once the tranny started to slip I decided that enough was enough.
pics of the build/destruction

I really missed how i use to be able to drive the truck everywhere. This added to the huge stock pile of 78-79 parts I had laying around. So i scraped the built bronco, and started looking for a good condition 78-79 bronco.

I found a bronco from a friend of mine that was a second owner truck, that had lots of options from the factory like tow hooks, roll bar, rear sliders, locking gas cap, ford spare tire lock, 400 with headers and a cam. The main problem was it has some serious rust along the roof. WEll installed a 4in lift and some nice wheels and 315 bfgs on it.

Then a couple weeks ago i bought storm callers old bronco to build since the body was in much better condition. Since i bought the truck i have changed the hood latches,door latches, got some of the dent out of the passenger door, replaced the front bumper, converted the a/c to r-134a, replaced the cd player, and installed some 6x9's. I took it to a cruise and car show a couple weeks ago and it averaged 10.3 miles to the gallon at an average speed of 70. BTW, this bronco has a 351,c-6,205 with 4.56's rear detroit, and 37 in mtr's.

I am currently trying to sell the tires to get some 36 or 37 iroks on 17 inch wheels so that i can use the wheels on the above stated bronco. Also i am thinking or swapping to the 460 quicker than i imagine since the 351 has little to no power.

What kind of mileage are you all getting on your 460 on the highway and in-town. Also please state what lift and tire size you are running.

My 460 got around 8-9 on the highway and 7 intown(stock truck and motor) before i rebuilt it(yet the old motor was worn out bad rings,etc). After the rebuild i only put trail miles on it so i am trying to get an idea on what it is gonna be before i swap it at $4 a gallon gas. I think i would be pretty close to the 10 miles to gallon i got in he new bronco.

Pics of the latest bronco
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oh btw the blue and white 79 with the 4 inch lift will be for sale shortly once i receive the title for it, minus the black wheels and315's.
well it seems most people are getting in the 8-11 range which is about what i get right now, so i guess i will put my 460 in there ahead of schedule.

What cam do you all like for a 460 that is mostly street driven?

What intake edelbrock, or weiand?

i think my rpm's at 70 are around 2900
8-11? I get 4.5 to 5 with my 429 but it was not built for mileage.

If you are building for mileage go with this cam: C.I.&partNumber=350501&partType=camshaft

I'd also go with the Edelbrock intake over the Weiand. I have the Stealth intake on my 429 and it is to tall. I have an Edelbrock I'll probably swap to in the future.
thanks ranger also if this helps anyone, the motor was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago and has a 0.030 bore job, stock style pistons, straight up timing gearset, k&n, carb spacer, and a msd blaster coil, and a 3in exhaust system. So nothing to drastic has been done. I have a new stock cam for the truck to, but if i could get a few more ponies that would compliment a new intake i would do it. Prolly gonna go with an edelbrock performer 600 or 650 cfm that i have off of a parts truck. Currently it has a motorcraft two barrel that was on there for wheeling purposes.
With that said I'd go with the cam I posted.
Why don't you use the other one for parts? looks like you already put some into it and you need a door, plus you can never have too many broncos or spare parts!
or better yet!
build one to wheel and one to drive, what did you do with the axles and all from the first one you had? if you still have them put them under the blue and white one, swap doors and wheel it!!! save the new one to drive
i have the axles and all the other parts, i wont build a fullsize for a wheeler again because i liked to run some narrow trails,and i had pushed the fullsize platform about as far i wanted to go, when i trashed the other truck it had dents on every panel.

i plan on taking the best parts from both broncos and put them into the blue one. I also have two other sets of doors plus the ones on the blue and white truck. The problem is the blue bronco with the smashed door only has the trim on the top of the door. Where as all my other doors either have no trim, or trim on top and bottom.

All the axles and other parts will be used for a buggy build once the blue bronco is finished
OK, I hear ya, That's good, you have obviously thought this through and know what you want, carry on.
I would love to see more on all this so Please keep us posted. now as far as the trim goes, Why is any of that a problem? if you want to put trim on a panel that don't have the clip studs you use screws , stainless is best, I prefer to remove all trim myself, its just a place for rust to start where I live (NY)
that is a good point of the screws, or weld on nail heads i hadnt thought of that.
stx4wheeler......just calculated mine, 10.5 mpg city/hwy.stockish '76 460.....low output edition,lol, straight-up timing set, edelbrock 600 carb. stock 3.50 gears and 33" tires.mine is an np435 that i'm glad i swapped, cause if it were a c6, it would probably be closer to 8 or 9 mpg's.
thanks robs 79
alright well im throwing around ideas in my head and i got some questions. Ok well i want to do a two tone stock scheme paint job on the blue bronco, and i dont think to my recollection that i have seen one done on a truck with the single chrome stripe on the top only.

Also what would be the best way to add the full set of chrome all around the truck? The doors and the fenders arent a problem because i have spares of those in the top and bottom chrome. I was thinking of making a stencil out of cardboard or finding a set of rear quarter panel trim in not perfect shape drilling small holes in the chrome to mark the quarter panel ,to the exact location before welding a stud onto the panel? Does anyone have any info or done something like this? Any body work guys got a suggestion. Infoford?
Well I'm not a body work guy but here ya go.

You won't find a tu-tone paint scheme from the factory with just the upper molding. All tu-tones got the lower race track trim. Get yourself some old or new race track trim, use some masking tape to put it on the body in the stock locations. This won't be hard to figure out as it will fall into place. Then use a pencil or marker to line an edge where the trim is. Get the original fastners shown in the book and set them in place and you will know where they need to have the nubs spot welded on. Quite a few use a hole thru the body panel to attach the race track trim.

Many of the aftermarket catolgues show what fastner went where.
alright time for an update

sold the 37 mtrs and chrome steel wheels to buy a set of 37 irok radials, to go on the 17inch black fake beadlock in the above pictures.

Now it is time to add carpet. I saw lmc has the full carpet set for like 400 dollars, does anyone know of a company that has it cheaper? i ideally would only want carpet to go up to the back side of the backseat the rest will be linex.

also anyone used lmc's electric window swap kit, and keyless remoteelectric lock systems. They seem resonably priced, are they any good?
JBG is where I got mine. I don't think they sold just the front half, thought it was the complete floor kit.
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