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My name is Kevin, I also have a Bronco Addiction

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It has been 4 long years since I traded my 95XLT for a Suburban :brownbag . We had good reason if there is such a thing. We had two kids and needed four doors. Needless to say she drives the new Suburban and I was the one that got the old Subuaru Wagon :brownbag . On my way to work I noticed deep on one of the mom and pop lots my future Bronco . That night I drove my wife down to the lot :deal and after that I have been driving my steed ever since (traded the Subaru and $500.00). I used to be part of the FSB crowd with several posts and all was lost a few years back with a server crash (?) Bronkzilla is still my hero! and too all the FSB crowd I tip my hat off to a great informative web site. It has to be the #1 4X4 site. There is not one out there that even compares.
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dsotmoon said:
now did you know Pepe' only has one leg or was this coincidence?
:lolup thats just not right...:histerica
Welcome to the site my man! :beer
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