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My Saginaw Came Today!

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Soooo exited!... The Saginaw @BigBlue 94 has been building for me came today! I swear he just mailed it like 2 days ago 😮
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Omg it's Soooo beautiful, especially with the braided lines... And how nicely he painted it all... And he made installation practically idiot proof for me 😁
But holy heavy Batman... Thing weighs a ton 😮
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Aaand as an added bonus... Seed Swap ❤ ...
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Can't wait to get working on all this and get my girl back on the road 😁
Thanks bunches Blue 💙 you totally rock...
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Sweet! Looks good. Let me know how easy/hard the install is.
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That is only for serpentine belt setups. His 84 needs a v-belt setup which is completely different other than the pump itself.
Could you take the v belt pulley from the factory pump and put it on the Sag?
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