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mysterious spark plugs

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89 bronco 5.0...............

so i went to change plugs this morning, i pulled out the first plug motorcraft p/n awsf 44p, took one of the plugs i just got at orilleys, motorcraft p/n asf 42c. i new they were different but i figured the p/n had changed sometime in the past. wouldnt you know it, the thing doesnt fit. so i call back up there to verify that the guy who sold them to me wasnt high, and the p/n was correct, so went to auto zone and got an auto lite plug p/n app 25, the replacement for the plug that i pulled out of the truck, same thing just doesnt fit. has anybody ever gone through this little scenario? the sticker on the air box says i need the motorcraft p/n asf 42c, but i doesnt fit. somebody please let me know what the hell is going on, was this motor switched to some other ford block?
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search for sixlitre ignition tuneup, and do all of that stuff while you're replacing your spark plugs.
cant until i get this plug situation figured out. if the plug dont fit cant use it.
Yea it has alot of information on plug types and what you should use...PLUS if you are changing your spark plugs, you are obviously doing a tuneup, and that writeup has a great track record of proving mileage results in the 2mpg range, plus better power.

Or you could ignore it and not take my advice.
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