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-Take a pic of the axles under the truck. Particularly the front ones so we can see the drop brackets (that the I-Beams bolt into)
There is usually 2 sets of holes on the center brackets, the upper being for 4" and the lower for 6"
-That said also try to take a measurement, from the ground past the center of the wheel, and then to the fender lip, or the center of the "dent" down the side. With that someone will be able to match it up with known existing stuff.
-The Procomp springs are some of the better ones that are off the shelf, for a good ride quality. Dont skimp out on shocks as the shock you pick will directly effect the ride quality as well.

IF i was going to guess just from pics, I think you have a 6" lift with a 33" tire. You should be able to clear 35's easy if you want to. Looks good like it sits too tho.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts