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Name That Relay!

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I'm getting code 95 and 96, both are related to PCM to Ground and PCM to Battery. Could this be from bad relays?

The fuel pump relay is located directly next to another relay, which one is that? I thought it was the PCM relay, but I don't see that listed on any of the parts sites. Any ideas?
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relay or solenoid?
It looks just like the fuel pump relay, but it's a different color. If I recall, it's gray and green, the fuel pump relay is all black.
The EEC Relay
The EEC Relay
Thanks, Boss.

Does anyone know if that could cause code 95 and 96? Secondary fuel pump circuit failures?
i dont believe so cause if the eec relay was bad then the eec itself wouldnt power up. do you have spark now?
Taken from one of my books-

Inertia switch and fuel pump wiring: Codes 87, 95 and 96.

These codes relate to low or no power reaching the fuel pump. Start testing at the fuel pump relay. The relay must respond to the EEC processor and the relay contacts must be a low resistance path for fuel pump power. Relay testing can be done in a couple minutes with the fuel pump test table.

Fuel pump relay testing

1. Use solenoid test at EEC pin 22 to check relay coil current draw.

2. Voltage at pump power terminal must be within .5v of battery power when relay is turned on with amp meter at pin 22. Check power from battery if voltage is low. Check the inertia switch and fuse if battery voltage is missing.

Pin 22- (light blue-orange) Grounded to turn "on". Voltage will drop to about 1v when "on". Current draw will be 160 to 270mA

Pin 8- fuel pump monitor (dark green-yellow) 0v engine off, battery voltage with engine running.
quickest way to test the relay is to substitute another in its place. though im having this problem myself with my bronco as well. i have almost no voltage at the fuel pump and the relay is testing good. so far i havent figured out where to go from here, but hotwiring the pump to a swith in the dash has gotten me by for now.

i hate digging through wiring, id rather re gear an axle over wiring.
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