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Narrow Tires

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I am not trying to start a debate on wide vs narrow but I need some info. I have an inside track on some 34X10.5's Supper Swamper TSL Radials on my F-250. I am just wondering if narrow tires have any different manners on the road especially on a heavy truck I need to be aware of.
I prefer a wider tire but that was always for looks more than purpose. or with a big heavy truck should I stay with a wide tire.
Trying to find out a narrow tire makes a difference in everyday use.

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I drive around on my 34X19.5X16 LTB's
:shocked 19.5? That's a fat tire!

they are a bias ply tire made of NYLON, not rubber.
You sure it's not just nylon cords? The tire should still be made of rubber...
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