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junior won the race and roush racing put up a strong showing 4 cars in the top 10

here are the top ten

Checker Auto Parts 500 presented by Havoline
Fin. No. Driver
1 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
2 48 Jimmie Johnson
3 12 Ryan Newman
4 97 Kurt Busch
5 15 Michael Waltrip
6 17 Matt Kenseth
7 24 Jeff Gordon
8 99 Jeff Burton
9 22 Scott Wimmer
10 6 Mark Martin

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Miketnf150 said:
I didn't know Mark owned the 17 car!!

Mark kills me though. He was 6th with just a few laps left and then finishes 10th.:banghead :banghead :banghead
Yeah, he's been Matt Kensenth's mentour since Matt was running the no. 17 Monte Carlo in Busch series. Then he took over part ownership of the 17 Ford Taurus with Jack. It's the same way with Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson...Jeff owns Jimmie's car for the most part.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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