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What I have is a pretty clean cab that is fairly well stripped out. Might be able to gather up a couple doors for it....but lets not count on it. Title is a clean UT title. As far as rust goes...very very little. drivers side rear cab corner. sorry no photo...too much snow and way to cold to go get one right now. I'm going to scrap it out as soon as it gets a tad better weather...assuming I can still get to the farm to haul it out.
It still has that heater/AC ducting box on the firewall. nothing for glass. Start building your own truggy? Oh yeah....shipping by FED EX? haha NO.
IMG_20191126_153621_01 (2).jpg IMG_20191126_153621_02 (2).jpg
$25 and I'll help you load it up. or some offer.
photo from before I pulled the windshield out.

FYI. I will have a crewcab frame and cab with more interior before long also with title. I'm eliminating projects to focus on motorcycles and living life. Want to start my 50s with less work...more fun.
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