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Need 78 Alt (1G?) Wiring Diagram

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Someone cut my alt harness apart, and its the last thing I need to get my motor going. I cant find any of my manuals, and Ryan's site has a alt section, but the one picture its missing is the 1g wiring diagram. I think its a 1G, its a stock 78/79 alt anyway.

i have a 2 pin connector, a 3 pin connector, a black wire w/ a red stripe and a fusible link (goes to the relay i believe). I am pretty sure I found where the 2 and 3 pin's go to, but the problem is the set of yellow, orange, and lime green w/ a red stripe that are just cut off. I think the go to the voltage regulator, but I have no connector for them, and I'm not sure.

Anyone got anything?
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Ryan sent it to me. Posted here for anyone else looking.

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