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Hey guys,

I finally found a spare HOG0 PCM for my 94 F150 4x4 302 with E4OD MAF.
It seems to have a burnt out circuit on the TCC.
I want to send it for testing and refurb. I'm in communist shit hole canada though and noone up here even knows what I'm talking about when I call them lol
SIA Electronics say they can do it. Their price is reasonable as well. But they're reviews are TERRIBLE.
The HOG0 is a rare hard to find bird. It took me 2 years constantly trolling scrap yards to find one.
I plugged it into my frame off rebuild project truck to test it. The TCC wont release in drive. So I suspect that circuit needs attention.
I cant risk sending it to them and them messing it up or playing cross border shipping games.
Can anyone point me to a reputable tester/refurbishing company in the USA that is familiar with these old Ford PCMs?
Can anyone voucher for SIA Electronics?
A new HOG0/HOG1 is almost 900 USD!!!!
I want a spare on hand just in case.
I see a potential 4r70w swap or manual trans swap surgery in the future. Almost 1k CAD for a PCM is insane and renders a perfectly good vehicle dead in the water.
Any tips, references or help with this would be greatly appreciated boys.
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