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Hello all,
First of all awesome forum!!!
Seems that the big bronco's are getting a revival :)
This is my second bronco...1 in college (shoulda kept the '93 EB) and now 10 years later i found a similar one to take to the beach, take the top off and enjoy the summer...
35" tires, lift, soft top, headers, dual exhaust...I thought i got it made.

Only problem...I got ripped off, cause I didn't do my due diligence.

Stats: 1992 Eddie Bauer w/ N vin number but previous owner put a 351 in it
I was told today the engine is shot, too much to repair the guy said.

Now here is my question,

1.) What can I put in there??'s got a manual transmission but the guy at the shop told me the whole engine swap was all botched up (spliced wires ect., random hoses tied together etc.) so I don't know what's good in there or what isn't.
What is the right/best combo to put in? not really looking to go mudding just beach and around town...
2.)And where would I get a setup?.. obviously I would have a shop put it in so basically what's the least labor intense?
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