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i checked all the comercial parts stores auto zone,pepboys etc.... no one has or seems to know what im talking about when i tell them i need a BLACK ignition control module. does anyone Know where i can get one besides the dealership

Thanks 351w500
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It would really help if we knew what yr bronco you are talking about, and what motor.

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I agree w/Seattle FSB
Ford MC is they way to go now.

And at Ford's Parts site; they show in BUYER's GUIDE this; (btw, since someone @ Ford decided to "improve" the site two years ago, most of the Buyer's & Interchange Guides info was lost or data corrupted)
Part Number: DY1077
Description: Ignition Control Module
Manufacturer: Motorcraft
Years: 1990-1997
Applications: 19
Years Make Model Engine Qty per Vehicle
1990-1994 Ford Aerostar All Engines (1) 1
1993 Ford Probe All Engines (1) 1
1995-1997 Ford Probe All Engines (1) 1
1991-1993 Mercury Cougar All Engines (2) 1
1994-1997 Mercury Cougar All Engines (1)

Will need to validate this.
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