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need help please!

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Ok, I have a 90 FSB with a 302 and an AOD. I have been having problems when I have been driving after a while it will start loosing power like it is running out of gas or has low fuel pressure. So I did some testing and sure enough not enough pressure. So in went a new fuel fitter and fuel pressure regulator. Same results so in goes a new fuel pump. Seems to be better, pressure is where it should be. yet after driving for a while (some times I get 50 miles, some times I get 3 miles) it does the same thing. Usually I can pull over, turn the truck off, wait like 30 seconds and start it again and I will get another 3 or 4 miles or so and I will do it again. Just to add in it has new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, and the trimming was just checked and is right. Please chime in with some ideas. It is driving me nuts!!
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I've had a mustang with a similar problem.... Just running a few suggestions up the flagpole to see who salutes.
thanks. i will take a look at that stuff again.
i had a bad terminal at the fuel pump, cut a whole in the back floorboard and fixed it
was the bad terminal causing trouble all the time or just some times? already got the hole in the floor board when i did the fuel pump.
Don't quote me on this, but I think that the 90 model Bronco has 2 fuel pumps. A feeder pump in the tank, and a pressure pump on the frame. I'd be willing to bet that the feeder pump in the tank is on the fritz.
i thougt two pumps also, but folowed the fuel lines from the tank to the front and only thing outside of the tank is the filter.

i hope to get a chance to work on it this weekend and see what i can figure out. thanks everyone for all the ideas. i will let ya know what i come up with.
i didnt see if you replaced the filter or not make sure you do that as well or putting a new pump in makes no sense
i replaced the filter to start with. then replaced the pump and filter a week later.
Mine's doing the same thing, just limped it home 30 miles by turning off the key, back on, build fuel pressure, crank and go till it starts missing and backfiring again.

I'm curious to see if your problem is the same, as the symptoms sound the same.
i hope i dont have to drop the tank seeing as all the tank bolts are rusted past recognition!
ok, i pulled codes and got 3 codes (the truck isnt with me so this is as far as i have gotten).
14 c PIP circuit failure
34 orc EVP voltage above closed limit
81 o Air Management 2 (AM2) circuit failure

can some one point me to some more info or help explain in plain english what this means?
hhmmm... now my head is spinning more. lol!
ok, if i remember off the top of my head the fuel pressure key on was like 41 psi and about 36 with the truck running.
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