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Need help with winch install

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Where do I put the electrical box from my winch. I have tried everything possible that I can see and nothing. It is a MM12000 electric on a warn mount. The winch is mounted so the terminals are on the battery side. Any ideas or how you did yours? Thanks
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Yea I saw that pic when I searched, but what holds it? The MM comes with the two cheapo hook type deals with a peice that screws into them.
large hose claps that fit into a special peice on the back.
My friend put his on the inner fender, I dont think he used the stock straps to mount it.
Thanks, I think I will do what Zach said and use hose clamps. The ones it gave are crap, cause I see that they do not work with the mount that I have.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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