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Hey Folks,

NEVERMIND! found other probs, and no longer need that piece. Thanks anyway, for looking.

I need the air metering rod assembly out of a stock 2bbl 2150 carb... Some idiot left it out of mine the last time it was worked on. Might be the same from a 2100 but I don't know... so I am preffering from a 2150, unless someone knows for sure...

Its the bit that goes through the center hole on the venturi assembly, that center tube downward, with the 'Y' shaped top that has two tiny little tubes that go into the top of the venturi assembly between its downward tubes.

I need the 'Y' shaped tubes/rod piece, the spring, spring retainer, and anything else that looks like it might hold it into the venturi assembly.

Might be interested in a whole carb, cheap, too... not looking for anything great, just gonna scrap it for parts-- But mainly I just need that metering assembly.

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