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Need opinion on divorced transfer case

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My Highboy has a divorced 205. I want to swap out for a regular 205 because the divorced one hangs so low and, obviously, three driveshafts provide more potential problems than two. What potential problems would I have other than having to get new driveshafts? Would my Np435 need modifying?
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gunmetal79 said:
What is clocking? I've never heard that term used before.:brownbag
Clocking is rotating the item (transfercase in this case) in relation to it's input shaft.
I'm betting the output shaft of your transmission would have to be changed to marry the TC.

Also your frame is narrower than the F250s that come married TCs, if you have to change the trans mount it will have to be modified, it can be made to fit at all.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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