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need some help

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my dad called me the other day and said his trucks starter isnt engauging (2000 ranger 3.0 v6 2wd) i get to his work and tell him 2 turn it over so i can hear what its doing. the starter was just free spinning. i tow his truck home and take off the starter. to teeth were worn down a little so i told him to get a new one while i stayed and looked at the truck some more. well the flywheels teeth are worn down a little bit in a few places but not all around. he said that it happened out of the blue. it didnt make any kind of grinding noise just started spinning free. well anyway. after a hour of waiting and a list of stuff that i need to fix on his truck he comes back with a new starter. i bolt it up and the same thing happens. it just spins freely. there is no grinding noise. i made sure he got the right starter and im out of ideas. could the fly wheel of moved? there is more then enough meat on it to engauge the starter. btw this starter has maby 20k on, replaced along with the trans.
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Sounds like the starter isn't engaging. Check your cables.
then it may be the flexplate worn.turn the motor over by hand a little bit, then try to start it.
well what happened after all did you turn the motor over by hand how did you fix it?
lol ive done this twice once with a high torque starter and once with my bronco's starter you either need to re build it or get a new one let me ask you a question hold the starter and try moving that gear and shaft like see if their is any play in it
[edit: unless their is a second engaging wire that needs to be installed but ive only ever had to put one on for high performance]

[edit: what brand is he going with and have him return the new one too and get a different brand]
He might have fixed it by now guys, He posted this 3 yrs ago.
He might have fixed it by now guys, He posted this 3 yrs ago.
these projects take time lol :smilie_slap
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