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Please could someone give me some info on what I need to do to help my 96' Bronco 5.8 w/ a E40d trans.The truck has 351,220 orig. miles my trans shifts fine or maybe a little hard.My problem is when I slow down to stop and you can feel the trans down shifting when it gets to first just as it stops it feels as if it jerks/slams into first sometimes more violent than others.Or if I back up and stop when I put it in drive in goes in "hard". I had it in the only transmission shop in my area and the guy tells me "there is something wrong,but I'm sorry I can't find it" He pulled the rear end twice and the transfer case and the transmission pan and found nothing.Also no codes.What would you guys do next? Could it be the t/c ? I'm sorry if this has been covered in other post,I did a search for awhile but I live out in the middle of nowhere with dial-up " it sucks" .Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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