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Need some wiring help, and some parts help

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Well i bought a light bar. My plan is to mount the light bar and four (4) 130 watt lights on the bar.

Here are the lights:

Here is the diagram i am running with: (With some additions)

Instead of just one Relay (seeing as that relay is for one (1) set of 55 Watt lights, i am going to run one Relay for each light)

I am going to run 14 gauge wire for the switch (maybe 12 if the switch is lighted) with the positive piggybacking from one relay to the next. For the lights i am going to run 10 gauge wire.

Here is my diagram. Pink indicates the hot to the lights, red indicates the hot to the lights. If this is wrong feel free to correct me. Feel free to critique my child like drawing too.

So my simple question is. What size relays would i need, and would a 15 amp switch be enough to power the relays?

I also plan on drilling a hole just large enough for the wire to get through, just beneath the gutter on the passenger side. I'll put a grommet on it and seal it, run it down the B pillar and run the switch to my bezel on my dash.

So basically i am asking.

Is my wiring diagram right?

Where can i get and what size relays do i need? (Ryan (FireGuy) feel free to whore here, if i can i like to support FSB members, i found some of your links when searching, but they were dead links)

What size (15 amp enough?) and where can i get a blingy switch?

Thanks for your help!
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So i could actually cut two relays out, and run two relays with two lights per relay. And save a little money by eliminating two relays.

Now most of the time i deal with 110/120. The relays are obviously a bit different. Would a Bosch 30 amp relay work in this case? I think i can get those at my local parts store, and i will probably pick up a bling bling switch. I am not too worried about draw, seeing as these will only be used once in a great while, it's mostly cause i like the way the lightbars look, but i want it functional. A 3G is in the future anyway, probably when i yank the front clip.

When i do install it, i am going to do a tech-write up, i figured there would be one already.

So my shopping list will consist of

two (2) 30 amp Bosch Relays and

one (1) 1 amp switch.
If it we me I'd run two switches, to have more control of how much light needed. I had 4 on the front of mine and I had 1 relays for the spots like you have, and 1 relay for the fogs with 130 watt bulbs. Those with my headlights were an awesome combo. Light where its .02
I appreciate your opinion. But like i said, these things at the present moment are more cosmetic than put in use. I've never wheeled at night.

I can't run them on the street, Ohio law prevents that. The bar itself has room for 5, but i am only putting 4 on at the present moment. Maybe when i get done with other stuff i will start playing with them a little bit more, but right now i just want them on and functional.

If yer in MI you should check out the Midwest Chapter about the meet and greet.....all are welcome, Bronco or not, we're their to wheel and have a good time.
Well, just to make things really simple on you

Visit your local NAPA store get 2 30A Bosch SPST relays AND 2 relays bases (this will make wiring alot easier)

The diagram looks fine to me and as Steve83 said 2 light per relays are fine...
I'm looking forward to seeing your install write up. I will most likely follow your lead on this one.
You only need 16-18 guage wire from the relays to the switch,also wire the switch through a 10 amp fuse to an ignition or accessory controlled circuit(this way,if the switch is accidently left on when you turn the truck off,the lights will also turn off and no dead battery).
Sorry, i am bored

Well, all the purchasing is complete, just waiting for parts to arrive.

It will go from this:

Through these:

To four of these:

Mounted on this:

Think i am going to do a tech write up on it too, since i couldn't find one, i am sure somebody will eventually look for one too.
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hey rob could you take a few pics of the bar(underside/top) and a few of the mounts.. i wanted to see how hard it would be to make myself one.
ahh so you outbid me on eBay on those relays....:banghead

j/k i was actually bidding on a lot of 25 or so of them. I want the style that just plugs into a mounting bracket.
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Dude had a shittun of them, there were 20 packs, 10 packs, 5 packs and ones you buy just single.

i bought 5, thinking i will eventually have a front bumper i am going to want lights on. The lightbar showed up today too!!
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