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Need torque wrench help

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Hi guys!! I wanted to get my boy a torque wrench for christmas but i’m not entirely sure what to get or what brands work best and aren’t terribly expensive. He has a ‘93 bronco and i know it needs to be 1/2 inch drive but i would really appreciate any suggestions you guys have. Thank you!!! :)
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I'm debating whether to get the $100 Icon Harbor Fright torque wrench, which has a great rep for being accurate.... or sending my 25 year old Lin Sheng torque wrench (possibly harbor freight also) in to be calibrated.
I got a quote of $48 (plus shipping) to have these folks calibrate a torque wrench:

HF's new Icon wrench:

Make sure your new torque wrench goes up to at least 180 ft lbs.
I know of at least one bolt (head bolts?) on the Bronco that require 140 ft lbs torque.
And you want your wrench to be capable of that and much more, to give you a nice buffer-zone.

For instance, if a torque wrench is rated for up to 140lbs, I would not trust it at anything above 100 ft lbs.
Note that I'm not an expert on this subject, but I have done a bit of research in the last couple weeks.
And on that note, I think I just made up my mind to skip calibrating my 180lb wrench and buy the 250lb Harbor Freight one instead (linked above).
Wow, and that confirms my decision for sure.
No sense in calibrating a 180lb wrench when I will surely someday need a 250lb wrench!!
Isnt the outer hub nut a high torque value as well?
I just replaced my wheel bearings/seals up front a few weeks ago and don't recall exceeding the capabilities of my torque wrench in the process.
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