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84 Bronco, 351w, c6, custom doubler, np208, 5.13’s, TTB44, 9”, locked f/r
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1988 Bronco Custom, EFI 4.9, C6 trans. Basically all stock. 3.54 gears, open diffs, manual shift t-case, 33x10.50R15 BFG KM2's. Vinyl floor, low back seats, manual windows. 128,000 miles. Runs and drives excellent. Will probably not pass smog, catalytic converters, smog pump, and EGR have been removed. Paint shows some fade and flaking from being in the Nevada sun, but is still in decent condition. Both bumpers have a very slight tweak to them, tailgate had a dent and a little rust. The rest of the Bronco is absolutely rust free
Would love to keep it, but I just have too much junk right now, and could really use the money.
Before I got it, it had been sitting for about 15 years. Both fuel pumps have been replaced, all fluids except the front and rear diffs have been changed, new master cylinder, new vacuum modulator on trans. Tires are good used (not the ones it sat on for 15 years)
Located in Fernley NV. I would probably be able to travel for a serious buyer, and pretend it was a vacation. Just let me know and I'll do my best to work something out

Asking $4500 OBO

I'll get some interior pictures up soon
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