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Hi everybody
I was looking for a full size Bronco since many years. But in Europe, it's not a common vehicle. Quite hard to find, especially in good condition.
This one, bought this morning in Roma, is really pleasant to drive. Gazoline or LPG, no difference, except for the bank account ! Very cheap in Europe vs unleaded fuel.
The only thing, I'm not sure being a big fan of the big flames painted at the front.
I will probably make it repaint in the coming weeks. Probably all black. Don't know yet if it will be matte or shiny.
Any advice guys ?


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Your 81 looks very good, despite the flames, good luck with it.
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TSBID: 103957 MFG NUMBER: 87-5-19 ISSUE DATE: 1987-01-01T00:00:00
TSBID: 103962 MFG NUMBER: 87-8-20 ISSUE DATE: 1984-05-03T00:00:00

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I would imagine a Bronco there would be trippy enough throw a flaming paint job on and it would stop people in their tracks.
Condition looks very good hopefully getting rid of the flames isn't too big of a chore.

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Looks sweet! At least they are good flames...

Appears to be a Lariat model. Pretty rare for an 80. Those electric window switches are hard to find and are often brittle. Be careful if you have to remove them.

Welcome to the club!
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