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new chunk?

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I lost my rear end over the weekend. 9" with busted 3.50's with 31 spline...want to go to a 4.11.

If I wanted to replace the whole rear chunk (third member) with a lower gear, what would the process be? I guess what I'm saying is can I avoid the grand to pay for a complete F & R re-gear by replacing the chunk, or are there axle issues involved to? What do I need to do to make the chunk change work? Plan to lower the D44 front to 4.09 (but want to pay for that change after the rear is done)

Thanks for the help or re-directs to a thread that's already covered this.
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Its easy. Just remove the wheels, pull the drums off, and then remove the bolts that hold the brake backing plate to the axle tube. Take the backing plate off and the axle will slide out with the bearing on it. If they don't slide out easilly put the brake drum back on the axle backwards, then put a few lug nuts on and you can use the brake drum as a slide hammer by sliding it on the wheel studs.
Once you get the axles slid out about 6", unbolt the diff and drop it out. You might want to unbolt it first to drain the oil, unless you want it running out the tubes when you pull the axles out.
Then just put it back together, bleed the brakes if you disconeccted the hard line, put the driveshaft back in, fill it up with oil, put th etires on, and you good to go.
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