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hey whats up everyone... new here (obviously)

was a moderator and active on the ford zx2 boards (exboards,, then for years... haven't been active on any board in a while though and found FSB through a google search...

my bronco is an 88 eddie bauer 302/auto... bought it for $500 from a neighbor that had it sitting for over 2 years behind a barn... charged it overnight and started right up (ran like crap till the old fuel was gone but otherwise a damn good deal)... my truck will probably remain pretty tame (wife + 2 kids = limited time and even more limited finances lol) so far all i've done is a few stereo upgrades

it needs a few things to make it "perfect" but nothing that stops me from driving the hell out of it lol

anyway looking forward to learning and contributing any way i can

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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