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New Here.

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I'm new to the site but have been following your go fast builds builds for a while now. I currently have an 84 Bronco with Solo beams, Superlift radius arms/ coils, and Rancho shocks. I know not good but I'M on a buget and trying to piece together a decent front end for the local dezert. Few questions for the experts, anyone know of the diff btwn Solo beams and Camburg/Autofab stuff, I saw a guy on here recently sold his Solo stuff and just bought camburg beams? Also will any of the above companies radius arms work in harmony with my beams or should I just get the Solo's. I know you guys recomend stuff that is in "kit form" for lack of a better term.
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That would be me that sold the solo front end. Some guys have luck mixing and matching, i wasn't so lucky. The solo stuff was ok, i just wasn't happy with the end result.

For my new truck, it was a toss up between autofab, and camburg. And since camburg parts started falling into my lap for very cheap, my mind was made up for me.
For long travel applications you really need to clearance that axle shaft port.
I can't really say it was the solo stuff. I had a hodge podge of different parts, and i just wasn't mechanically inclined enough to make them all work together properly.
My bronco is an 84 with 104k original miles, 351, C6, 208 ,9 inch all stock.
As they say in real estate, you have to start out with something that has good bones. You my freind have a truck with great bones! Those are some very desireable parts to start with.

Have fun bulding it, i look forward to seeing what you do.
i think you have a very good start, just try and do it once and try not to settle on something because you can't afford it. save your $$$ and do it right the first time rather than cutting big corners just to get it done sooner. welcome to the crew!!!

mine started like this:

and now looks like this:
Show off!
I still say the Spirit/Spirkoff coil-over mount is the best production coil-over mount for Broncos/F150s. It's also bolt-on and closely mimics the OE coil-bucket in the way it loads the frame.
I would agree, but, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Also, Mark from southwest puts out a very nice coilover front end.
Radius arm question.

My next step is buying some better radius arms to go with my Solo C/T beams, the question is, should I sell my beams and get the Camburg or auto fab beams and arms instead of trying to make mine work with something else, I dont want to do it twice and I keep hearing things like the geometry could not work out if it's not all the same company.

I would just hate to go down one path just because the beams are already paid for when in reality they are the less expensive then the other items I need to buy.
If you have solo beams, call Bobby about getting some of his Radius arms. If you were at the expo, his was the red 91 that was linked.
Yes, but what isn't? I hear the Giant "engine cage" is $1,050. When I talked to Jeremy about the Spirkoff parts he estimated the coil-over mount with a can for a hydraulic bump would be about $1,000. $50 less for what I consider to be a far superior product seems like a deal to me.
Then Jeremy has to get his stories straight. When i talked to him after the last LeDuc swapmeet, i could get his J beams for $1000, and the engine cage and coilover mount for $2500, and his rear 2 link and upper shock mount was $2500. And mind you, this is all designed using 3.0's, so figure what, another 3 g's in shocks :shocked

I don't know how the auto repair biz is doing, but my line of work (construction) blows right now! There is no way i could afford the spirit stuff.
When you say your beams, do you mean the one's you have or one's you made, do you have any pics I could see?
84, Mark is the owner of Southwest performance. He does some awesome work, and is a vendor here on fsb. I would defineatly give his stuff a good look.

Look at the leafs be gone thread, that is a bronco that he has built.
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