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New Here.

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I'm new to the site but have been following your go fast builds builds for a while now. I currently have an 84 Bronco with Solo beams, Superlift radius arms/ coils, and Rancho shocks. I know not good but I'M on a buget and trying to piece together a decent front end for the local dezert. Few questions for the experts, anyone know of the diff btwn Solo beams and Camburg/Autofab stuff, I saw a guy on here recently sold his Solo stuff and just bought camburg beams? Also will any of the above companies radius arms work in harmony with my beams or should I just get the Solo's. I know you guys recomend stuff that is in "kit form" for lack of a better term.
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Thanks for the quick response guys, it helps to hear the truth from people with knowledge of what I have. I should have added that the stuff is already on the bronco (what a pain doing it alone in the driveway with short jackstands) Also does anyone have an issue with the passenger side axle shaft contacting the beam were it passes through the beam. I have a little line on the shaft after i go wheeling. nothing major just enough to make me think. thx
Cool thanks for the help. What did u not like about your solo stuff? Anything specific or just general performance? Sorry for the weak questions but I'm trying to learn from others experience and I just figured how to log on to this site after a tech wiz here...
Oh ok thank you much for the info.
I thought you might say that. And of course it is not bumped, strapped, or even suspended properly. Steve your build is my inspiration, a do it all truck that is family friendly. I have the same drivetrain as you minus the cool stuff. thx
will do. as soon as i can fugure that process out.
Thanks for all who have responded with advise... I know that I am not doing things the best way by piecing things together but the price tag of a full system is a tough pill to swallow right now. I guess I should have introduced myself first before asking for help so here goes, I am a So Cal native with a young family and have always loved off roading. I have been into the slower wheeling for a while and have built a few Samurais and a 4 runner that I did the Rubicon with in the past few years. Then i got the bug to start going a little faster and decided to sell that stuff and build a moderate bronco.

My bronco is an 84 with 104k original miles, 351, C6, 208 ,9 inch all stock. I bought it with a 4 inch superlift and a host of other mid to late 80's cosmetic a brush guard, fender flares, nerf bars , u get the idea.

So the idea is to build a ride that can still do some decent trail work and get pushed a little harder in the desert...

Thanks again for the replies and warm welcome on the site.
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Figured out how to post pics. So this is hopefully my before pics, and ten years from now will be the after pics. I want to remove some of the 80's cosmetic stuff but it's kind of funny and reminds me of high school.

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Looks like a decent starting point. The axle-shaft rubbing is a geometry issue. Enlarging the hole in the beam would just be masking the problem.

Is there a way to correct this without going to an Autofab setup?

What else are you wanting to do to it?
New radius arms, shocks/ buckets are the plan. Also should I run with the drop pitman thats on there or swap it for a stock one, I've heard arguments for both.
Broncos don't leak what's that pan doing on the floor? LOL. My 1984 leaked like the Exxon Valdez. Nice rig 84. Don't update that front end. Autofab has some really cool fenders and hoods for 1980 to 1986 Broncos.

It seeps all fluids known to man, nothing to major just annoying. I'm putting in a new radiator in the next week or two, getting sick of maintenance stuff that gets on the way of cool stuff...

The front end will stay stock width so i will run it as is...
i think you have a very good start, just try and do it once and try not to settle on something because you can't afford it. save your $$$ and do it right the first time rather than cutting big corners just to get it done sooner. welcome to the crew!!!

mine started like this:

and now looks like this:
PBR, are you running stock width beams?

WOW! It would appear that I am out of my league compared to most of the broncos on the board. I am also going to heed the advise and try to do it right the first time, although I kind of started not doing that. I'm going to the off road show tomorrow hoping to get some good thoughts or parts. I've been every year but never paid much attention to the TTB stuff. Is there much?
I went to the show last night, the Giant bronco looked good, nice bolt on engine cage, otherwise the front end was nothing special...stock width beams etc... the rear on the other hand was cool, 64" leafs sprung under for a claimed 20" of wheel travel with 1/2" driveshaft plunge. Retro bronco was cool as expected, saw it last year too. Other than that, I didn't see a whole lot of TTB stuff that interested me, but tons of other cool race cars to see. Sorry no pics i forgot my camera. If you're into UTV's or Jeep J/K's they had tons of stuff to see as well.
Geoff from Giant gave me that info on the travel and driveshaft plunge, I didn't see it cycle but he said it had great "rear steer" characteristics...I would assume that the more arch a spring has then the more axle movement u get during travel, those 64" springs look to have alot of arch.

Thanks for the welcome.
The Giant kit was their 64" leaf spring kit sprung under the axle. The numbers I gave were just what Geoff told me, I personally have no knowledge of the kit or the company other then what is on their web site and what they told me at the show. I could see the wheel base changing during travel as the leafs have more arch then a spring over set up at the same ride height. I believe the drivetrain was stock, the t case was not a 208 as that is what I have and it looked different, the rear end was an 8.8.

Hope it helps to answer your question, I think somebody took some photos of it, it's the white one with the engine cage on the "Pics from the off-road show post".
Radius arm question.

My next step is buying some better radius arms to go with my Solo C/T beams, the question is, should I sell my beams and get the Camburg or auto fab beams and arms instead of trying to make mine work with something else, I dont want to do it twice and I keep hearing things like the geometry could not work out if it's not all the same company.

I would just hate to go down one path just because the beams are already paid for when in reality they are the less expensive then the other items I need to buy.
I have thought about that and still might, nothing against Bobby as he is a nice guy, but all things being equal what company should I pick? I don't know if thats cool to even ask on a public forum as I don't want to bad mouth any company, I'm just trying to find the best performing kit I can before I move any further.
Guys, what are your thoughts on running Currie's johnny Joints instead of heims, I was kind of thinking about it maybe being the bridge btwn a bushing and an heim (cushion and rotation) plus it's rebuildable. Plz don't flame me for the thought...
Most of the arms ive seen run heims with the excepion of mine, I run a 1 1/4 uni ball. No jam nuts to keep tightening and my brackets pickup 2 stock holes in the bottom of the frame. You also dont have to worry about setting wheelbase or wonder if its installed correcly, just drill 4 holes on each side and your ready to go. The wb is pushed about 1 inch for tire and a/c clearance to.
When you say your beams, do you mean the one's you have or one's you made, do you have any pics I could see?
Pictures would be great, I didn't know you owned a fab shop, is the web site going to have pricing soon?
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