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New Here.

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I'm new to the site but have been following your go fast builds builds for a while now. I currently have an 84 Bronco with Solo beams, Superlift radius arms/ coils, and Rancho shocks. I know not good but I'M on a buget and trying to piece together a decent front end for the local dezert. Few questions for the experts, anyone know of the diff btwn Solo beams and Camburg/Autofab stuff, I saw a guy on here recently sold his Solo stuff and just bought camburg beams? Also will any of the above companies radius arms work in harmony with my beams or should I just get the Solo's. I know you guys recomend stuff that is in "kit form" for lack of a better term.
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Welcome to the sight.Im no expert on this but Im sure someone will chime in.Well from going on there sight they have a very nice trussed,Cut and turned, and uniballed beam.But dont know what all has been done to yours.The Camburg Radius arms would defeintely be a upgrade from the Superlifts.they should go nicely with the Solo beams.If you cant afford to go full zoot and get the Heim jointed setup and correct frame bracket.Just Do like I did.Buy just the beams and Use a Large grade eight bolt in the factory radius arm brackets with the Poly bushings until you can buy the heims and new brackets later.Just need to be sure at ride heigth you have a 8 degree caster angle back at the top compared to the bottom ball joint. when everthing is bolted up tight.Otherwise it will wander around on the road.You can put a angle finder on the flat side of the beam and check for the 8 degrees.
Thats kinda why I started with my 84. Hard to beat the 9 inch,C-6 combo.Did upgrade to the newer 97 351W though.I could have bought a newer bronco, but new I would be buying all new glass anyway.The dash swap wasnt a whole lot of fun though.But didnt have to be done.Plus 600 bucks for a nice sound canvas to start with sounded good to me.
Nice.Pretty clean for a 84.Mine wasnt that nice when I started.A nice prerunner front bumper will do wonders for the looks of it.I cut my frame rails at a 45 on the ends and plated the end to give it a nice look.
Check out the skyjacker superrunner steering setup.Not to awful expensive and better than stock.Thats what I have on mine.Of course I scored a deal at 150.00 bucks used though.Had to buy the drop pitman arm as well.Runs the idler arm on the passenger side also.Thats nice.
1 - 4 of 75 Posts
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